Mental Health Practitioner Kurnai College


Kurnai College is a multi-campus secondary college in the Morwell and Churchill area of the Latrobe Valley, about 150 kilometres south-east of Melbourne.

We are seeking a Mental Health Practitioner to join our team of professionals, making a difference in young peoples lives.

The Role

The Mental Health Practitioners (MHP) initiative provides for a suitably qualified mental health professional in all government secondary school campuses.

Operating in collaboration with the Department of Education and Training’s area-based multi-disciplinary teams, this role will have the following functions:

provide direct counselling support and other early intervention services for individual students and groups identified as at-risk and/or experiencing or demonstrating mild to moderate mental health needs;

coordinate supports for students with critical needs both within and external to the school, including proactively working with regions and other health professionals to engage further support as required; and

enhance promotion and prevention activities in the school by contributing to whole school health and wellbeing plans, building the capability of teaching staff and school leadership to manage student health and wellbeing, and helping to embed mental health promotion and prevention programs and strategies in the school.

How To Apply

Apply via Recruitment Online by 1st August 2022,


Job number:  1286446

All selection Criteria must be addressed.


For further information please contact [email protected]

(03) 51650600.



Kurnai College

Job Salary

$85,000 - $99,999

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