School Counselling Service 2024 Psychology Graduate scholarships NSW Department of Education


School Counselling Service 2024 Psychology Graduate scholarships

Have you considered a career as a School Psychologist? Join the NSW Department of Education School Counselling Service.

If you are looking for a rewarding psychology graduate role, where you’ll hit the ground running and where your skills will make a positive impact on the mental health and wellbeing of children and young people, then this opportunity is for you.

Don’t miss out! Applications for the 2024 Psychology Graduate Scholarship Program are now open.

This exciting opportunity will support you to complete a Master of Professional Psychology and become a registered psychologist working within the NSW Department of Education 

NSW School Counselling Service

Find out more about the NSW School Counselling Service by watching the video and reading the information below

As a School Psychologist, you will work for Australia’s largest provider of public education and one of the largest employers of psychologists in NSW.

This is a chance to develop and use your skills to make a real difference in the lives of children and young people when it matters most.

As active members of a school community, you will provide counselling and psychological assessment of students that complement and enhance the work of teachers to strengthen student learning and wellbeing outcomes. As part of the NSW school counselling service you will work with students from Preschool to Year 12 across a range of metropolitan, rural and remote locations

Agency overview

The NSW Department of Education serves the community by providing world-class education for students of all ages. We ensure young children get the best start in life by supporting and regulating the early childhood education sector. We are the largest provider of public education in Australia with responsibility for delivering high-quality public education to two-thirds of the NSW student population. We are committed to fostering vibrant, sustainable and high-performing vocational and higher education sectors. We are responsible for enacting NSW Government policy, driving improvement in education, and overseeing policy, funding and compliance issues relating to non-government schools. We respect and value Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people as First Peoples of Australia.

The Scholarship offers you:

  • up to $35,000 tuition allowance for full-time, full fee-paying students
  • appointment allowance up to $6,000 for rural scholarships and $2,000 for metropolitan scholarships
  • $1,500 textbook and incidentals allowance
  • supervised practicum placements in schools, and
  • ongoing professional support to complete your registration as a Psychologist.

On graduation you receive employment as a School Psychologist in NSW public schools complete with a supervised internship as a provisional Psychologist.

You will have:

  • met the requirements for and submitted an application to undertake the Master of Professional Psychology (School Psychology) program at either the University of Wollongong or Charles Sturt University
  • a willingness to work in areas of identified need – refer to Work Locations Nomination Form
  • NSW Working with Children Check clearance or be able to obtain a NSW WWCC
  • Australian citizenship, permanent residency or New Zealand citizenship
  • NSW driver’s licence or ability to obtain

Please Note: All Department of Education employees working in an SSP are required to be vaccinated as outlined at Vaccination requirements for school sites ( The successful candidate for this position will be required to confirm vaccination status prior to the department finalising their appointment and entry on duty. Find the department’s latest advice on COVID-19 (coronavirus) at

About the NSW Department of Education

The Department of Education is the largest provider of public education in Australia with responsibility for delivering high-quality public education to two-thirds of the NSW student population. We welcome applications from all ages and genders, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, culturally and linguistically diverse groups, the LGBTQIA+ community, veterans, refugees and people with disability. If we can make some adjustments to our recruitment/interview process to better enable you to shine, please contact the Diversity and Inclusion Team ([email protected]) or visit NSW Department of Education Diversity and Inclusion


School Psychologists:

  • apply psychological expertise to enhance and support the cognitive, emotional, social, physical and spiritual wellbeing of students
  • support the school leadership team to build and sustain a strong culture of wellbeing
  • provide counselling using evidence-based interventions to improve the wellbeing of students
  • undertake cognitive, emotional and behavioural assessment to contribute to the development of appropriate school-based support for students work collaboratively with learning and support teams, parents and carers and other agencies to enhance learning and wellbeing outcomes for students 
  • respond as part of a team to assist schools experiencing emergencies.


As a School Psychologist within the NSW Department of Education, you will:

  • enjoy variety by working with a diverse range of children and young people
  • opportunities to work across the lifespan with both primary and high school aged students
  • work as part of a team with dedicated professional supervision and support to gain and maintain your registration as a psychologist
  • access a comprehensive range of professional psychological resources
  • have continuing professional development and opportunities for promotion in one of the largest employers in NSW
  • receive 4 weeks annual leave, and additional flex leave each year


School Psychologists earn a competitive salary as shown in the salary bands below current as at 1/1/2023. An additional 11% is paid in the form of employer contribution to superannuation.

Band 1.0 $75,791 (internship)

Band 2.0 $91,413 

Band 2.1 $99,220

Band 2.2 $103,132

Band 2.3 $113,042

Note: Additional benefits may be available to interns and employees working in identified rural NSW locations. More information is available at Rural and remote incentive package – Rural and remote incentive package

Hours of work and leave

Full-time School Psychologists are covered under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act), and work 35 hours a week.  This equates to 7 1/2 hours each day with the expectation of a 30-minute lunch break. 

As this is a non-teaching award, School Psychologists receive four weeks annual leave and, where permitted to work flexible hours, may be eligible to take flex leave. Part-time employees are entitled to recreation leave on a pro rata basis. Given the operations of schools, the most likely times that a School Psychologist will seek to take recreation leave will be during the student vacation periods.

Full-time staff are also entitled to sick leave, extended leave, and family and community services leave, in line with the Crown Employees (Public Service Conditions of Employment) Award 2009.


Upon successful completion of the Master of Professional Psychology (School Psychology) you will be offered full-time employment first as an intern (temporary employee) and then as an ongoing employee (conditional on successful completion of the internship). You will be employed by the NSW Department of Education under the Government Sector Employment Act 2013 (GSE Act).

Under the GSE Act, the Department may, from time to time, assign an ongoing School Psychologist to other school psychologist roles based on workforce need within your scholarship agreement. The department will consult with you prior to such re-assignment.


Scholarship recipients will be required to sign a Service Agreement with the NSW Department of Education before receiving scholarship benefits.

The scholarship is a four-year commitment:

1 year full-time study Master of Professional Psychology (School Psychology) – 300 hour placement completed by the end of 2024

    Three year service commitment period

  • 1 year fulltime internship
  • 2 years as a School Psychologists with general registration.

The Service Agreement commits applicants to:

• successfully completing the Master of Professional Psychology (School Psychology) program at either the University of Wollongong or Charles Sturt University

• successfully completing all requirements for the one-year internship as a School Psychologist at a NSW public school (or schools) in an agreed location/s (subject to placement availability)

• accept ongoing employment as a School Psychologist and an assignment to a NSW public school (or schools) in an agreed location/s (subject to workforce need) for a minimum of two years.

Conditions of financial liability apply if conditions of the Service Agreement are not fulfilled.

Applicants may be invited to an interview and required to undertake a capability-based assessments as determined by the selection panel.

NOTE: Under section 8(2A) of the Independent Commission Against Corruption Act 1988, fraudulently obtaining or retaining employment or appointment as a public official can constitute corrupt conduct. Examples include candidates claiming degrees and qualifications that had never been awarded, falsifying work histories or work achievements, concealing a history of criminal or disciplinary activity and using false or misleading referees

Please apply online at Job reference: 00009TTNApplications close at 11:59 pm, Monday 11 September 2023

For more information, please contact Vashti Casey via email to [email protected]



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