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Addiction Recovery Process Program – Program Facilitator / Counsellor

  • Does working with clients to help them achieve their potential excite and inspire you?
  • Are you fascinated by understanding what makes yourself, and other people, tick?
  • Are you that person who is always looking for better ways to work with clients?
  • Are you on a never-ending quest to learn about yourself and others?

If you’re saying yes, yes, yes, as you read this, then we’d love to hear from you!

All About Us

At The Whitehaven Clinic™ we do things differently.  We deliver a customised Addiction Recovery Process Program to private clients in a clinic setting, and in selected prisons.  We don’t do any group work, we instead work one-on-one to provide individualised and tailored programs.  Our super-power is that we profile each client to determine specific underlying treatment needs. Our program incorporates a wide array of teachings and has had great success in helping people to live happy, healthy and fun lives.

Our program is successful because our team culture is founded on integrity.  We practise what we preach.  We’re a team of healthy professionals who live the methodology day in, day out.

What Does a Program Facilitator Do?

The life of a PF is fundamentally about connecting with clients and delivering a customised Addiction Recovery Process Program to them.  The best way to describe it is that you’re delivering a program, as a facilitator, but with the ability to be a counsellor to clients.  You have the flexibility to teach “modules” of the program whilst resolving issues.  As one client recently put it, “I’m paying you for solutions, not just to talk”.

You may also be working with family members, and partners, to assist them in supporting their loved ones through their recovery journey.

Prior to commencement, all PFs are provided with full training on the program (over 8 Saturday’s), and personality profiling, before working with clients as part of our international accreditation process. And be warned – there is a steep learning curve as this is a unique proprietary program based on world best practise.  We absolutely guarantee that you will also learn a lot about yourself during this journey.

Who You Need To Be To Deliver This Program

The essential ingredient to work with us is that you will be someone who is totally committed to being the best version of you – because that in turn inspires your clients to be to be the best version of themselves.  You will be self aware and committed to your own personal healthiness and growth – and this is more important than any degree or certificate you may have.

In this line of work, it very much helps to be open minded, non-judgemental and fascinated by what makes people tick.  It also helps to have a background where you have overcome hurdles – because it helps you to relate to clients.

Your attitude and personality are more important to us than your qualifications. However, as a guide, definitely put your hand up if you are:

  • Experienced in counselling or delivering a structured program format;
  • Have some sort of degree or certificate in the world of self-development or in understanding people;
  • Have knowledge of the Enneagram (even more brownie points if you know your type!);
  • Committed to doing ‘the work’ and taking a holistic approach to your own health and well-being;
  • Self-aware, and passionate about self-improvement;
  • A great communicator who easily builds rapport with clients and colleagues;
  • Computer literate and able to use Microsoft Office tools

And because some of our clients are prison based, you must be willing (and able) to work within a prison environment (it’s not as scary as it sounds!). 

To indicate your interest for this position, please email us your details (name, contact number and email address). We will then forward through an application pack to you for completion and also the details of an information evening that we will be having where we run through more about who we are, our core values and about the position.

Please email us at [email protected]  

Sorry, but due to the high volume of calls we receive from clients, we are unable to take enquiries by phone.  But if you email us on the address above, we will get back to you straight away. General information about The Whitehaven Clinic can be found at our website –  Many thanks.



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