Behaviour Support Specialist – QLD Liberty Behavioural Services


Join a dynamic, ethics-driven network and start changing lives today

Both Senior and Aspiring practitioner (Junior) roles are available

Position available: Brisbane/QLD – various +/- 45-60minutes drive

About the company:

This organisation was launched 3 years ago by a behaviourist with the three goals of:

  1. Deliver high-quality behaviour support 
  2. Enhance quality of life
  3. Impact the world with significant charity and through our values driven work

So far our global charity work has saved 30+ children, helped build a forest, supported the Tourette’s camp, supported several schools in Africa, built houses and helped to establish a crop, replenished a hospital, and sent significant aid to Ukraine.

Liberty’s network of therapists are passionate about improving the lives of people with disabilities and reducing any unnecessary restrictions that are in their life. We are a multidisciplinary network focused entirely on NDIS behaviour support.  

Office location: Work from home

Liberty Behavioural Services offers: 

  • An NDIS-registered company
  • Inter-therapist resource sharing
  • Frameworks and templates
  • Assistance with meeting NDIS Capability framework
  • Clinical Autonomy
  • Supervision (1:1 and group)
  • Participants provided
  • Email domain provided
  • Work from home office + Claim travel up to 30 minutes each way when visiting Participants
  • Distribute your work hours flexibly to suit your lifestyle


  • Knowledge about Autism and Intellectual disabilities
  • Relevant qualifications + additional training in behaviour support: e.g. Monash PBS, IABA. Have watched NDS’s free behaviour support introduction videos + IABA’s 2 Jargon free lectures.
  • Strong independent drive
  • Demonstrated knowledge, skills and experience in working with complex cases
  • A passion for moving into Positive Behaviour Support
  • Knowledge of the NDIS Quality and Safeguards commissions requirements around restrictive practices
  • Experience in providing training to others (preferably in behaviour management strategies, however all training experience considered)
  • Ability to form relationships and work with individuals, families, carers, staff and others


  • Target: 15-25 billable hours a week x 46 weeks a year
  • 1 hour of supervision each fortnight
  • 1 hour of group supervision every month
  • 1-2 hours a week of admin (booking in client visits, doing invoicing)
  • Active engagement in team meetings once a month via video chat and team outings once every 2 months


  • Drivers licence, Car, Laptop, Phone, Home office materials required (by commencement date)
  • ABN + Professional indemnity and liability insurance (by commencement date)
  • Completion of NDIS Worker Orientation Module (by commencement date)
  • Proda Registration as an eligible worker (by Interview date – takes 5 minutes)
  • NDIS Worker Screening


  • Base rate: Behaviour Management $81.5 + GST + super
  • Assessment Recommendation Therapy And/or Training at $81.5/h + GST + super
  • Specialist Behaviour Support at $90.5/h + GST + super
  • Receive a $10 per hour raise for each line item, at 6 months 
  • Opportunity to progress into a Senior Role within the first 2 years


  • Commitment to prepare for NDIS audits with guidance
  • Commitment to engage in relevant professional development opportunities that align with the NDIS Capability framework
  • Active participation in the development of clinical practice, documents and strategies


Must have: 

  • A have a human rights framework
  • A strong passion for bettering the lives of people with a disability and those who support them
  • Work within a positive behaviour support approach (as opposed to a punishment-based approach)
  • Must actively aim to reduce restrictive practices

Employment Type:


Prior to interview: 

NDIS requires all behaviour support practitioners to be Proda registered. Although a free and simple process on your end, it can take several weeks to come back thus serious applicants are requested to apply for this prior to an interview:

It will be seen favourably at the interview if you also have completed the free process of registering an ABN: 



Liberty Behavioural Services

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