Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist for a Connection-focused Private Practice Aspirita Pty Ltd


We are two experienced clinical psychologists seeking like-minded colleagues for a community of practice model clinic in which we work alongside each other to provide a collegial, light-filled working environment, high quality clinical care, tailored professional development in small group settings, supervision opportunities, and commission or salaried positions with excellent leave and superannuation entitlements. 

We are launching a therapy clinic that’s designed for both therapists and clients

  • We want therapists to feel more connected, supported and fairly compensated.
  • We want clients to have a more transparent, less confusing experience of therapy with better outcomes.


A clinic that’s focused on interaction and connection 

  • A co-working space to come to and chat with colleagues between sessions or to write up notes
  • Shared lunch hours
  • Group trainings and PD
  • Regular paid lunches and dinners with colleagues
  • Online chat room (Slack) to interact with colleagues


A clinic that’s focused on high quality support

  • Fully included individual and group supervision included with the option of fully paid supervision with an external supervisor (We believe that supervisors should be external to the practice so that there are no conflicts of interest)
  • Unused supervision can be reimbursed to you if you are highly experienced and don’t require it
  • Full time crisis duty officer who can manage crisis situations on your behalf and provide on-demand check-ins/debriefs as needed

A clinic that’s focused on high quality training

  • Fully included group and individual trainings with a focus on trainings that lead to accreditation (Schema, IFS, DBT etc)
  • Peer study groups


A beautiful space to work in

  • We have launched in Frenchs Forest in good rooms but we’re currently looking for great rooms in our area. We’re specifically inspecting properties with floor to ceiling windows or lots of natural light
  • We believe that it also needs a shared space for clinicians to come together and connect


What’s included

  • Therapy rooms
  • Full admin support (bookings, payments etc)
  • Individual & group supervision
  • Professional development training
  • Study groups
  • All practice software (including telehealth)
  • Peer chat group
  • Emergency Case Management (Crisis Duty Officer)


We are committed to fair compensation plans that don’t exploit anyone

  • High range hourly rate compensation based on commissions or salary packages with full benefits (superannuation, annual leave, sick leave, compassionate leave, monthly RDOs for mental health days, maternity leave


We have reimagined how the client experience could be improved 

  • We’d be happy to share our ideas with you if you’d like to meet


About Us

  • We are two married clinical psychologists with a young family, living on the northern beaches. We think we have a fair bit of clinical experience and have done almost every training and supervision approach under the sun! We believe in evidence but we are open to all therapeutic approaches if they are tailored for the client.
  • Karen Spence: Practising since 2012. Finalising her accreditation as a Schema Therapy Supervisor. 
  • Dr. Jay Spence: Practising since 2008. Has supervised and taught at university level for several years. Has started and run a large virtual practice. See for more info


Interested in joining?

  • We’re seeking expressions of interest from clinical psychologists and psychologists with a Medicare Provider number (or who are eligible to provide the Medicare rebate for psych services)
  • Unfortunately, we can’t take on registrars and students who don’t have access to the Medicare rebate at this time but we plan to do so as soon as we can. 
  • We’d love to chat with you, explain our ideas and answer your questions.



The video was from pre-launch but it has the basic philosophy



If this ad is still visible then we are still recruiting! It will be taken down if we get to our hiring quota.