Secondary Chaplain Westside Christian College


Purpose of the role

We are looking for an experienced Chaplain who can work alongside our Secondary students (Grades 7-12) and encourage and support them in their spiritual and personal journey.

About the position

At Westside Christian College, we believe that every child is a special creation of God. Our purpose is to nurture all children of all abilities and beliefs in a loving, supportive environment that helps them learn about the world and themselves. We believe that all young people should have the opportunity to achieve, belong and feel cared for.

Duties of this position include;

  • Meet with students to talk about their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Coordinate and assist with student welfare events and initiatives, including fundraising days, etc.
  • Meet with parents as needed to discuss concerns or issues regarding their child’s wellbeing
  • Assist classroom teachers in developing strategies to help students cope with Secondary schooling
  • Deliver talks, or other presentations to staff, parents or students to promote social, emotional or spiritual wellbeing
  • Complete risk assessments and other file notes to maintain accurate student records and notes as needed
  • At times, attend College camps and extra-curricular events to support the aims and objectives of their role
  • Other support activities as directed by the Head of Secondary

This position reports to the Head of Secondary, and will work collaboratively with another Chaplain in the Secondary school.

A fixed-term contract is available for this position as the incumbent staff member is taking parental leave.

Requirements of the position

As a Chaplain, you are an important part of a professional team of staff that have a passion for teaching young people and helping them be resilient, emotionally-aware and spiritually strong. You have excellent communication skills, are team-orientated, show a willingness to embrace the challenges of a changing educational context and are reliable, trustworthy, and ethical. All of our staff understand, support and uphold the Statement of Faith that underpins our College ethos. While it would be a definite advantage to have several years’ experience in a similar position, just as important is a genuine love for working with young people who need someone to talk to and guide them through their Secondary schooling, and support their social and emotional wellbeing. 

 In addition, you will have:

  • A relevant qualification, such as Certificate IV in Pastoral Care, Youth Work or Chaplaincy, or an equivalent or higher qualification, particularly in the area of ‘making appropriate referrals’ and ‘mental health’
  • Strength, patience and enthusiasm in working with students, especially in providing chaplaincy support for teenagers
  • Empathy, care and concern for young people and a knowledge of the issues and challenges they face as teenagers, especially in the realms of mental health, Christian living and personal care
  • A strong understanding of the Bible, and the Christian faith to model and talk about a Christian worldview
  • Experience in helping students with significant personal difficulties and emotional challenges to make good choices and look after themselves
  • Well-developed communication skills, to work smoothly with students, their teachers and their parents

Non-teaching applicants must hold a current Blue Card or be eligible to obtain a Blue Card before commencing employment with the College. Applicants must have a practising Christian faith and be actively involved in a church. For more information, please review the Statement of Faith and Staff Lifestyle Requirements available on the Application Form for this position, published on the College website. The College reserves the right to perform additional qualification, criminal history or other relevant background checks as necessary to this position and you will be notified of any relevant checks if you are offered a position at the College.

Position hours and salary

The salary for this position will depend on the qualifications and experience of the successful applicant but will be in line with the relevant award. The expected salary range for this position is $35-37 per hour. This position is a fixed-term position within our College for 12 months (finishing 31 December 2024), working 7.0 hours per day, five days per week during the school term.



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