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TLCSA Job Description: Senior Consultant Psychologist Role

Total Leader and Coach Solutions Australia (TLC) is a thriving and exciting business providing innovative and transformational programs to organisations not only Australia but across the globe. We are establishing ourselves as the go-to provider of leadership, well-being and cultural change solutions and have a vision of unlocking human potential on a global scale.

We are seeking a full-time Senior Consultant Psychologist to join our team to further support our expanding business and provide our highest quality programs and solutions to our clients both in Australia and across the globe.

About Us:

Our Perth based Consulting Business provides a comprehensive suite of solutions to organisations across Australia and globally.  Our services include leadership development, culture change, team development, mental well-being, coaching, psychosocial hazard audits and psychological safety programs for individuals, teams, and organizations. 

We have an incredible team of highly competent and diverse psychologists and consultants based in Western Australia, in addition to two French speaking Psychologists based in France and a Spanish speaking Psychologist. 

Our goal is to simplify complex problems, accelerating transformations, and maximizing human potential. The company values Improvement, Generosity, Interdependence, and Integrity, and strives to live by these values, not only in business processes but also in personal life. 

TLC is passionate about supporting teams and organizations to develop a workplace culture grounded in Psychological Safety and Constructive Accountability that realizes the potential of all. We fundamentally believe that when people are physically well, mentally well and emotionally then there are better outcomes for the individual, the team, and the organisation. TLC continuously develops its comprehensive suite of IP that is unique to TLC and offers a significant competitive advantage and the most current and relevant content to our clients.

About the Role:

The role will be a permanent full-time role, initially on a contract basis and then if successful moving to a permanent full-time role. We are looking for the following qualities and experience:

  • Master degree qualifications (ideally in Psychology but also MBA, MSc).
  • Registered Psychologist with AHPRA.
  • At least five years of working experience in a consultancy or OD role.
  • Significant expertise in facilitation and delivery of programs.
  • Experience working on mine sites or remote locations (preferable).
  • Additional qualifications in assessment tools such as DiSC, LSI, HBDI, EQi, iEQ9, Print, MBTI.
  • Experience with executive coaching.
  • Passion and curiosity for unlocking potential of individuals, teams and organisations.
  • Excellent mental agility to quickly get up to speed on new clients and programs.
  • A well developed entrepreneurial mindset that curiously questions status quo and constantly seeks improvement.

Role Requirements:

  • You must be able and willing to travel away from home for periods of time, usually 1-2 days a week, but at times up to two weeks away. 
  • You must have a current valid drivers licence.
  • You need to be confident and capable using MS365 products, virtual delivery modes such as Teams, WEBEX and Zoom, and ideally have capability in Adobe products such as InDesign.
  • You will need to someone who can work interdependently and be confident in dealing with changing and sometimes unpredictable situations.

As a TLC Senior Consultant you will be delivering various programs (leadership programs, well-being programs, and team development workshops) to our clients with most weeks having three to five days of actual delivery. Most programs will be delivered at client locations, which may be in the Perth area, but also in Regional WA and on the East Coast.  You may also be required to travel to global locations to deliver programs to clients.  You will also be required to deliver some programs virtually via MS Teams, Zoom, WebEx etc. To service our global clients and those in remote locations.

When not at client locations, you will be working from home and ideally, have a home set up that allows for space to have a home office. The home office won’t be used for any client consulting work but will be used for virtual workshop delivery, team meetings and admin.  On days with no client facing work your workload will include product development, continuous improvement of current content and programs, and any administrative tasks and activities required to support the business efficiency. 

Our Expectations

We have an expectation that you will add value to our current team knowledge and expertise being willing to share learnings, insights and observations. You will have a drive to learn and be open to challenging learning opportunities and growth. We fundamentally believe that feedback is essential for growth and improvement, and therefore you need to be comfortable both receiving and giving feedback. 

We will support you by:

  • Providing the IT requirements for your role (Laptop, camera, microphone and mobile phone).
  • Superannuation fund of your choice.
  • Coaching, feedback and support to grow and develop into areas of development.
  • Providing clarity on decision rights and autonomy to add value to our clients.

If you think that the above role will meet your expectations of growth and challenge and you believe that you have the requisite experience, skills and drive to meet our expectations, then please contact us with your CV to arrange an initial conversation.



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