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Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner – Position Description

Complex Care is a Brisbane based practice that provides therapy and consultancy services specifically tailored to children who have experienced trauma and the carers/professionals who support them. In addition to providing children and young people with counselling/clinical services, Complex Care trains and supports organisations, families, and carers, to provide our community’s most vulnerable children and young people with evidence based therapeutic care.

The focus of this role is to support NDIS participants to reduce significantly harmful or persistent behaviours in the least restrictive way, while prioritising the participants quality of life, through the delivery of intensive person-centred intervention, and through the development, review and maintenance of positive behaviour support plans. In addition to those key functions/responsibilities required as a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner, this role has also involved the following: – 

• Utilise a range of clinical tools and sources to collect and integrate behavioural data and develop a comprehensive profile of a participant’s behaviour, their developmental history, relationships, care environment, and their underlying emotional, sensory, cognitive/neurodevelopmental and attachment needs. 

• Develop clear evidence-based positive behaviour support strategies that: – mitigate the risk of harm to the participant and others in the least intrusive way; – support the provision of an optimal therapeutic care environment and response from professionals/care-givers; – responds to the underlying needs of the participant and supports them to build critical relational and self-regulation skills. 

• Provide implementation training to the participant and their supports that is tailored to the audiences’ learning style and capacity, provides a deeper understanding of the participants underlying needs (depersonalises behaviours) 4 and clear practical strategies for responding to their behaviours across different care environments and states of escalation. 

• Monitor and review the participant’s behaviours/needs and the capacity of their care team, and evaluate the ongoing effectiveness of the plan, with the goal of continuously improving the participant’s capacity and quality of life, while phasing out any restrictive practices.

Requirements for this position include registration at a core practitioner level, or previous experience drafting positive behaviour support plans or providing specialist behaviour support to children and young people. As part of this role, training, mentoring and ongoing professional development opportunities will be provided, in addition to being part of a warm, supportive and leading team of allied health professionals. 

Please email CV and cover letter through to Brett Sceats. [email protected] – Applications close 30 September 2023




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