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The Pavilion School is a Victorian state secondary school for students who have disengaged from or been excluded by schools or education providers.  It is a safe and supportive school where students are provided with flexible and individualised learning plans and personal support from a multidisciplinary wellbeing team.  At the Pavilion, students learn in multi-age multi-ability class groups in classes supported by a teacher, a student wellbeing worker and an integration aide.  Most students participate in the VCAL certificate.  Characterised by a calm and therapeutic environment and approach, The Pavilion School aims to provide a positive educational experience for all its students. 

The Pavilion School comprises of two campuses of Charles La Trobe College.  Pavilion staff members are employed by Charles La Trobe College and all students are enrolled there. 

At any given time, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students can account for approximately 15-30% of the Pavilion student cohort. To better support our Indigenous student population, prospective applicants of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander background are strongly encouraged to apply.


The assistant principal reports directly to the principal.

Assistant principals have a primary responsibility for the management of significant areas or functions within the school to ensure the effective development, provision and evaluation of the school’s education program.  In exercising the responsibility, assistant principals will have the authority to make all significant decisions relating to the program, budget and staff relating to their area of designated responsibility within the framework of the school’s strategic plan, policies and budget.  Assistant principals will contribute to the overall management of the school through involvement in policy formulation and decision making.

The management of significant school program or functional areas in schools involve assistant principals in the analysis of the needs of students and the translation of state educational policy and frameworks into appropriate education programs to meet the needs of all students.

Typically assistant principals will be responsible for the effective use of the teaching staff and program budget of a defined area of the school’s operation and for the oversight and leadership of the educational programs provided utilising these resources.


Typically, assistant principals perform one or more of the following functions:

  •    supervision and coordination of the work of senior curriculum or level coordinators;
  •    allocation of budgets, positions of responsibility and other resources within the area of responsibility;
  •    supervision of the delivery of teaching programs;
  •    management of programs to improve the knowledge and experience of staff;
  •    responsibility for general discipline matters beyond the management of classroom teachers and year level coordinators;
  •    contribute to the overall management of the school.

In addition to the general responsibilities of Assistant Principal Class Employees in Department Schools, The Pavlion School (Campus) Principal is also responsible for:

  • Contrinution to the overall management and leadership of Charles La Trobe College
  • Implementation of strategies, actions and activities to meet the key goals defined in College Annual Implementation Plan.
  • Coordination of wellbeing staff to ensure consistent practice and implementation of the instructional model and wellbeing model
  • Supporting the relevant leading teachers / learning specialists with the formulation and implementation of educational programs including development, review and implementation of planning, curriculum, assessment and reporting protocols.
  • Support the relevant leading teachers with the formulation of a professional learning program to promote high quality/effective teaching appropriate to the needs of Pavilion school students.
  • Coordination of educational programs related to school & post-school including VCE, VCE VM, VET, Career Action Plans, PSD and Disability Inclusion Funding, MYLNS, TLI, Jobs, Skills and Pathways Coordination, School Mental Health Fund and other initiatives and programs that appear throughout the position tenure.
  • Communication with key stakeholder groups including staff, students, parents/carers, department employees, other professionals and community members.
  • Management of a broad range of partnerships including La Trobe University, Melbourne Polytechnic, Inner Northern LLEN

The Pavilion School Principal reports directly to the College Principal. 

Key Selection Criteria:

SC1 – Demonstrated ability to lead curriculum development, instruction and pedagogy that meets the needs of diverse and at-risk learners and create a positive culture of challenge, support and collaboration in teaching and learning.

SC2 – Demonstrated capacity to ensure that The Pavilion School’s human, physical and financial resources are effectively and appropriately allocated and managed.

SC3 – Demonstrated capacity to contribute to, lead and evaluate successes in relation to the Charles La Trobe College vision statement, the School Strategic Plan, The Pavilion School Model and the ability to innovate in leading flexible learning and re-engagement programs for diverse and at-risk learners.

SC4 – Demonstrated highly developed capacity to motivate staff, develop their talents and build an effective inter-disciplinary team, and foster a learning environment that takes account of the individual needs of students and helps students to develop their special abilities and talents. 

SC5 – Demonstrated exemplary capacity and ability to model best practice in the face of challenging situations and to put the best interests of students to the fore, developing and maintaining positive, responsive relationships with students, parents/families and the local community and participate in and contribute to system-level initiatives and policy.

SC6 – Demonstrated knowledge and understanding of The Pavilion School Model,capacity to lead and work with staff and young people – including First Nations students – in settings like ours that are multi-campus.

Applications submitted via Victorian Department of Education and Training – Recruitment Online.  Job ID: 1314216.

Contact Andrew Robertson, College Principal on [email protected] for further information.

Job closing date:  24th November, 2022.




Charles La Trobe College

Job Salary

$150,000 - $200,000