Therapeutic Behaviour Support Practitioner – Bendigo, Echuca, Castlemaine CBChange




We are a respected and much sought-after organisation. We are a registered NDIS provider with a proven track record of delivering exceptional services with people of all abilities. To ensure the quality and effectiveness of our services, we operate in a Network Model which provies a framework that promotes diversity and flexibility in everyday work practice. It enables practitioners to align their strengths and motivations with organisational needs and growth. Within this model, practitioners have the option to focus on developing their clinical practice, their leadership skills, or a combination of both. This allows for variations in case load and leadership responsibilities, giving practitioners the opportunity to engage in coaching, supervision, supporting others’ care needs, and guiding practice alongside their clinical work. Putting people first, our aim is to be a leader in Therapeutic and Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) across Victoria and Australia. CBChange is all about Inspiring People!


Be part of this dedicated, innovative, and collaborative organisation that lives its values and makes a difference! We offer the benefits of flexibility, participation in our Practitioner Development Program, ability to work from home within an outreach model, ongoing supervision and professional development opportunities, and a competitive salary.

• Be a part of an innovative and growing organisation

• Opportunities for career progression $75k to $115k +Super

• Inclusion in our Inspiring Knowing Practice Series

• Training in the CBChange BASIC System Therapeutic Behaviour Support framework

• Permanent Full Time or Part Time (minimum .8EFT)

• Flexible working arrangements. Work from home as part of an Outreach Model

• Professionally challenging and rewarding role


CBChange Therapeutic Behaviour Support Practitioners are dedicated to supporting positive and lasting change in the lives of people with disabilities and those who care for and support them. With a passion for innovation and creativity, and a drive for self-initiated learning, they enjoy being challenged every day to discover new ways to empower others; be it through writing a clear and concise therapeutic formulation in an assessment report that supports everyone’s shared understanding and vision, through delivering a training on a behaviour support plan to a group of direct support workers who will go away with increased compassion for the participant, or through modelling with a participant the mindfulness exercises that will help them achieve grounding when they are becoming overwhelmed.

A Therapeutic Behaviour Support Practitioner is not the expert on the participant and does not have all the answers. What they do have is a great deal of experience in building relationships with the real experts who already have a lot of the building blocks to reach the solutions: the participant and the people who know, love, and care for the participant.


As our new Practitioner in our Inclusive Therapeutics division, you will be responsible for providing specialist support services to:

• NDIS participants across their lifespan

• students in school

• children in out of home care

• adults in aged care

• individuals within the forensic system, or at risk of involvement

Committed and experienced staff who demonstrate exceptional practice during the Inspiring Knowing Practice Series and subsequent work will be supported in their career progression and considered for future leadership roles within the local area teams and across the state.

Join the innovative and compassionate CBChange team in co-creating lasting and meaningful change in the lives of people of all abilities.

As part of our recruitment process we will be holding Therapeutic Behaviour Support Practitioner Information Sessions online.

To request a copy of the Position Description or to join one of our information sessions please contact us at [email protected]

Only applications that include a comprehensive CV and cover letter that response to the key selection criteria will be considered.