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About us

At Phoenix House Youth Services we relate our success directly to the strength of our team and the positive contribution we make to our clients.
For over 40 years, Phoenix House has provided counselling, case management, social programs and education to vulnerable youth on Sydney’s North Shore.

Phoenix House prides itself on the exceptional-quality and uniqueness of programs supported by government, local councils, and community organisations – from literacy programs inspired by academic research in Japanese Kanji to permaculture, and social events with our partner organisations.

Qualifications & experience

  • Minimum 3 years experience in counselling, psychological practice or psychotherapy.
  • Experience working with young people / mental health & homelessness.
  • Comfort in using client data reporting systems.
  • Criminal History Record Check and Working with Children Check required.
  • Professional Registration
    (AHPRA 4+1, or 4+2) / (ARCAP Division A or B) / (PACFA Clinical or Practising Member) / (ACA Level 2 or 3).
  • DESIRABLE: Credentialing with the Australian DBT Institute (in-Australia, or the International Practitioner Credentialing Committee in DBT)
  • DESIRABLE: Comfort using a CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) system.
  • DESIRABLE: Experience in social services leadership, finance, HR or operations.
  • DESIRABLE: Ability to produce, or contribute to annual reporting and planning documents (budget, business plan, etc.)
  • DESIRABLE: Experience in the delivery of education, special-assistance education or study-support programs.

Tasks & responsibilities

  • Assist in the development, and management of programs outside of the annual Business Plan to provide supplementary assistance to groups of clients, acquit new / existing grants, or develop areas identified in the organisational strategy.
  • Collaborate with the Head of Organisation and board to continue the delivery of services as part of the DCJ contracts, according to the stipulations of the annual budget, the delivery of set programs included within the Business Plan, and / or overall organisational strategy.
  • Pending completion of the below, the role has latitude to pursue the delivery of counselling, Wellbeing, and DBT programs for other stakeholder groups (eg: corporates, schools, juvenile justice) according to their discretion, and approval of the Board.
  • Deliver on the obligations of our service delivery to the Department of Communities & Justice. This includes:
  • (Related to Item 4) 30 counselling clients p.a. (6 counselling sessions each, with an additional 4 by professional review),
  • (Related to Item 4) 3 in-school deliveries of the Wellbeing Program p.a.,
  • (Related to Item 4) 3 on-site deliveries of DBT group sessions,
  • (Related to Item 4) On-site therapeutic assistance for the delivery of our Living Skills program.


  • Very flexible working arrangements (including working-from-home options),
  • An attractive renumeration package including superannuation, and potential salary-packaging options,
  • A small, inclusive and caring culture,
  • Personal career satisfaction.



Phoenix House Youth Services

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